Seeking Donations for Community Dinner

DinnerThe Cordell Police Department and Cordell Senior Citizens Center are partnering to sponsor a community Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve from 11:00am to 1:00pm. The meal will be turkey and dressing, green beans, salad, mashed potatoes, bread, and dessert. Dine in at the Senior Citizens Center or place your order for delivery. This meal is FREE of charge. Call the Cordell Police Department to put your name on the list for a hot meal delivered to your door.

A Special Thanks

Thank you!Substance abuse is not unique to any one ethnic, social, or age group. Experience indicates this problem cannot be solved by law enforcement action alone, but takes active support and resources from the entire community.

The law is a deterrent, but education is our best protection. At every opportunity, we must inform the public of the problems and horrors connected with substance abuse, substance dependency, and death caused by such.

Independence Day 2014

Parking lot layout 7-4-14We would like to remind everyone as they set out for the holiday weekend that no use of fireworks will be allowed within the city limits of Cordell. Any person who causes a firework to be discharged will face fines and possible imprisonment. Any person who throws active fireworks from a motor vehicle may face felony charges.

Please report any use of fireworks inside city limits to us immediately. While we have seen a better share of rain this year, sparking fires with fireworks remains likely.
It is always a violation of law to use fireworks within city limits unless it is authorized by the city council or mayor for displays in city parks. This year, we will be opening the Gregory Sports Complex (airport) for personal fireworks displays. However, there are a few rules:

Are Tornadoes New to You?

I have decided to take a moment to convey a little life history of mine. The main purpose is to provide persons new to the area information about weather emergencies and what they can expect. In addition, it may provide a little humor and sincerity to your day.