Independence Day 2016

Parking lot layout 7-4-14It's that time of year again! This weather is shaping up to be excellent for enjoying outdoor celebrations. This year we will open from 8:00pm through 10:30pm on the 4th.

"The setup we used last year was effective, however rockets and artillery shells will now be restricted to the far northwest of the fireworks area," said Chief of Police Daniel Allen while discussing the layout at Gregory Sports Complex for festivities. "Handicapped parking will be available near the entrance to the display zone," said Allen. "Keep it safe and have some fun!"

We would like to remind everyone as they set out for the holiday weekend that no use of fireworks will be allowed within the city limits of Cordell. Any person who causes a firework to be discharged will face fines and possible imprisonment. Any person who throws active fireworks from a motor vehicle may face felony charges.

Please report any use of fireworks inside city limits to us immediately. While we have seen our fair share of rain this year, sparking fires with fireworks remains likely.

It is always a violation of law to use fireworks within city limits unless it is authorized by the city council or mayor for displays in city parks. This year, we will be opening the Gregory Sports Complex (airport) for personal fireworks displays. However, there are a few rules:

Accepting Applications

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FULL TIME Police Officer (CLEET Certification, COPS Grad, CLEET Bridge or Reciprocity Eligible Required)

Reserve Communications Officer (Non-compensated)

Reserve Officer Volunteers (Non-compensated)

Submit your documents in person, by mail, or by e-mail. If submitting by e-mail you must have completed documents attached in PDF format. Send to Be sure to complete all documents attached. Applicants are encouraged to submit resumes, but application packet (found below) must accompany.

Questions should be directed to DO NOT CALL US ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION. We will contact you via telephone or email with a disposition.