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Budget Proposal Cuts Staff from Police

CORRECTION (6-3-15): In the original story I posted on the 28th of May, I indicated that there would be a negative difference of $55,450 from the police budget from FY2015 to FY2016. I came to this conclusion through numbers discussed in the council's special meeting of May 26th. After receiving a copy of the official budget proposal, I can see that I was wrong. The proposed budget, without including capital outlay projects, reduces our operational expenditures by $118,500.39.

Are Tornadoes New to You?

I have decided to take a moment to convey a little life history of mine. The main purpose is to provide persons new to the area information about weather emergencies and what they can expect. In addition, it may provide a little humor and sincerity to your day.


Understanding Core Values of Policing

In today's society, choosing the appropriate policing strategy for our communities is no simple task. Increased violence against police officers, terrorism, school shootings, and illegal immigration are only a few of the things that have significantly altered the role of police. However, every strategy must adhere to a set of core values.

Honesty. Integrity. Pride.

honesty  noun \ˈä-nəs-tē\ : the quality of being fair and truthful : the quality of being honest

Mission: Budget - Completed

All the hard work on the budget has paid off! In a special meeting on June 13th, 2012, the council voted 5-2 in favor of the new city budget.  I want you to know how the police department turned out on its budget.

2012-2013 Budgeting

Budget or BustWhen I first made the decision to begin a career in law enforcement, all I could think about was chasing down bad guys, helping those who couldn’t help themselves, and saving lives. Those things still provide me with the greatest joy of my job. I never imagined that I would be sitting at a desk reviewing spending forecasts, projected revenues, and assembling a budget.

Chief's Training Update

It's been such a busy week! In the last couple of nights I've tried to get back and write up a great story, but I've been drawn away by a number of different things. Most of them being great conversations with fellow chiefs. I've been able to develop a great rapport with many chiefs across the state. I believe most of them have in excess of twenty years of law enforcement experience. This has allowed me the opportunity to learn a great deal outside of the classroom.

Cops: We're A Little Different

One of the great things about beginning a blog is that I get to write about practically anything I want. As long as it is relevant to my job and important to you. This week should be an interesting one. As required by state law, I am attending a course of instruction on the administration of a police department. Never mind that I have spent nearly five years on the administrative side of things already. I guess some joys are left to the chief and the chief alone.

A New Beginning

Greetings one and all:
Since being appointed as your City Marshal/Chief of Police, I, along with all police department personnel, have been feverishly working toward getting our feet back on the ground. Many of you are well aware of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the loss of multiple officers in our department. I appreciate your patience and kind words as I have taken charge and begun forging a path into the future.

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