Cordell Municipal Court is the judicial branch of city government. It provides a local forum for the resolution of cases within its limited jurisdiction. The court administers the proceedings under state law and the Cordell Municipal Code.

Traffic offenses, juvenile affairs, civil proceedings, code violations, and criminal misdemeanors are handled within the court. All proceedings take place within the same court under presiding judge, Jim Hines.

Municipal court dates are scheduled on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6:00pm. Exceptions occur on city, state, and national holidays. Other exceptions may apply.

The Municipal Court proceedings take place within the precinct room located in the Cordell Police Department. Do not contact the district court (Washita County Courthouse) about a municipal proceeding. If you are summoned to municipal court, the district court will have no record of your summons.

Most traffic citations may be paid in advance to avoid an appearance in court. To pay your fine without an appearance, send check or money order to Cordell Police Department, 105 W. Main, Cordell, OK 73632 ATTN: Court Clerk. You may also pay in person at the Police Department. Some traffic citations and most civil or criminal proceedings require an appearance before the judge. If you are unsure about your summons, contact the court clerk.

Failure to appear for your court date may result in a warrant for your arrest. This also leads to additional fines and/or time in jail. If you cannot make a court date, make the court clerk aware of your emergency. Absences will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If it is not an emergency, do not expect an alternate court date, you are expected to attend.