Honesty. Integrity. Pride.

honesty  noun \ˈä-nəs-tē\ : the quality of being fair and truthful : the quality of being honest

integrity noun \in-ˈte-grə-tē\ : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values :  incorruptibility

pride noun \ˈprīd\ :a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people

Greetings once again:

It has been a great while since I have been able to take the brief time to sit and write to you. I have indeed been very busy, but that is no excuse. When I took office in February of 2012, I made it a point to keep the communication open from my office to your ears. While it is true we continue to be transparent and communicate our activities, such information leaves much to be desired.

 First, I will begin be reaffirming my belief in honesty, integrity, and pride. Such values are the foundation of a truly desirable leader, co-worker, and friend. Over the last year, my faith in such values has been tried and tested by those who do not share them with me. A few have most unfortunately come from within my own employ. I am steadfast in my resolve to prevent any immoral, unethical, or illegal activity and am quick to dispatch any personnel who violate the high standards I expect. I cannot help but feel somewhat responsible for the negative press a few bad apples have brought upon this department. However, I assure you that every applicant is screened by use of background checks, reference checks, mental heath exams, physical exams, and aptitude testing. It is most unfortunate that some of those whom we all trust to act as professional adults just simply do not.

 I truly believe in the concept outlined in the Cordell Police Department policy manual: “The worth of the law enforcement profession is measured by its contribution to the welfare of man, by its concern for excellence, and by the guidance it provides its members toward a high level of ethical practice. The purpose of the present principles of ethics are: to serve the public; to elevate the standards of the profession and to strengthen public confidence in law enforcement; to encourage law enforcement officers to appreciate fully the total responsibilities of their office; to earn the support and cooperation of the public; and to ensure the effectiveness of service to society.”

 In the interest of upholding those principles, I must address the alleged misconduct for which I have been accused. Some of you may have had the opportunity to meet my wife, Nicole. She has recently become more active within the police department, as she has been assigned to child welfare tasks as part of her reserve peace officer duties. Since her assignment, I have been accused of corruption and violating nepotism laws. My wife was commissioned as a reserve peace officer for Cordell Police Department in July of 2009 under Chief Russel Boecker. She completed a basic reserve academy and maintained commission as a reserve until the resignation of Chief Boecker in January 2012. I was appointed into the elected office of City Marshal in February of 2012. At the time, I was the only supervisory officer, so I did not sign a commission for my wife and her status placed as inactive within our department, to avoid a potential conflict of interest. On 08/28/2013 my wife was moved into active status, per our department policies, to prevent removal from the employee roster and her commission was reinstated. Title 11 of Oklahoma Statutes Section 8-106 would prohibit my wife from being appointed as a reserve if; she received compensation from public funds and was not employed in such a capacity prior to my appointment/election to the office of City Marshal. I find no conflict with the aforementioned statute since both the foregoing statements are true: a. As a reserve, my wife receives no compensation for her duties and is not eligible to receive such compensation at any time. //b. My wife, regardless of compensation, was serving as a reserve officer prior to my appointment and election to the office of City Marshal.

My wife and our other reserve peace officers dedicate several hours each month of their time to the service of this community. I kindly ask that you respect these officers for their hard work and dedication.

As I have promised, I will not be involved in any immoral, unethical, or illegal behavior. I intend to maintain a high level of transparency. I will continue to make such decisions I feel are in the best interest of this department's mission to serve this community.