Officer Arrested, Terminated

On March 4th, 2013, the Cordell Police Department received a report from Cordell Schools of an alleged relationship between a 15-year old female student and a Cordell police officer. An internal investigation was initiated and turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.
On the evening of April 25th, Officer Evan Riddle was arrested by the OSBI and booked into Washita County Jail for an alleged, sexual relationship with a 15-year old female.
Evan Riddle was terminated from the Cordell Police Department effective immediately.
I am angered, disappointed, and saddened that Mr. Riddle has acted in such a manner which may be contradictory to law and is contradictory to proper professional conduct and high ethical standards. Although his innocence or guilt will be decided in a proper court of law, I am confident in my decision to terminate his employment. He has, at minimum, violated the core values of this department.
Mr. Riddle has violated my trust, that of his colleagues, and moreover the trust of this community. His actions have severely affected all of us who held trust in him – whether personally or professionally.
I must say, as the Chief of this department, that I take these allegations seriously. I will not tolerate behaviors which violate the high ethical and moral standards I expect in this department. In a time where public trust is so precious, events such as this only serve to destroy that exact public trust this department seeks to earn. I extend my sincere apologies for the actions of this officer. Let there be no doubt, this department shares in the outrage and disappointment of this event. Be confident that immoral, unethical, or illegal activities by any member of this department will be handled swiftly and harshly in full accordance with applicable policies, procedures, and laws.
Sincere regards,
Daniel Allen
Chief of Police