Reckless Conduct Causes Accident

Crash050714On Wednesday, May 7th, 2014, officers were dispatched to the Cordell Memorial Hospital emergency room on a report of a motor vehicle accident. The collision occurred just outside the emergency room, and hospital personnel had already taken the driver inside, where she was treated and released. The driver was identified as Brittney Plummer, 20, of Cordell.

The collision was a result of several factors. Video evidence shows the vehicle passing southbound in the 1300 block of north Market at approximately forty-six (46) miles per hour. The driver then became distracted by attempting to reach her purse in the front passenger floorboard. The driver failed to stop at the stop sign at the intersection of 12th and Market and ran off the roadway to the right. After traveling fifty-seven (57) feet the vehicle struck a tree, traveled across the roadway eighty (80) feet to the southeast and struck a concrete retaining wall at the parking lot of the emergency room.

“Excessive speed and inattention were the initial determined causes of this collision,” said Chief of Police Daniel Allen. “This type of driving behavior is nothing short of reckless conduct by the driver. She's lucky she didn't kill herself or an innocent bystander.” Allen continued, “Speed limits are set for good reason. Follow them, or be prepared to face significant fines and marks against your driving record.”

The minimum fine for speed related citations is $211.50 as reported by the Washita County District Court.